Open MRI at Patuxent Open House

Posted on: 02/01/2011

In January 2011, Radiology Imaging Associates at Patuxent in Prince Frederick, Maryland held an open house event for referring physicians and community officials to stop in and see their new Hitachi Oasis 1.2 Tesla Open MRI. On hand to help promote the event for RIA was former Washington Redskin and Superbowl Champion Charles Mann, and Miss Maryland 2010, Lindsay Staniszewski.


mri machine

 Former Washington Redskin and Superbowl Champion Charles Mann at RIA at Patuxent, next to the new OASIS 1.2T Open MRI

Open MRI has historically been an option for large patients and patients with claustrophobia who have challenges tolerating the confinement of traditional bore-type MRI, but open MRI technology has not previously delivered high resolution image quality comparable to conventional high-field strength MRI systems. The Oasis system combines wide-open magnet architecture and 1.2 Tesla high field-strength technologies, so patients can have a comfortable experience and referring physicians get the high quality images they prefer for confident diagnosis.

 “The 1.2 Tesla Oasis Open MRI enables us to image patients up to 660 pounds, and provide our pediatric, elderly and claustrophobic patients with comfort, while simultaneously providing image quality comparable to our high-field strength bore type systems,” stated Joseph P. Finizio, M.D., President and Medical Director of RIA.  “We’ve wanted to bring an open MRI to southern Maryland for many years but didn’t want to compromise on image quality.  We waited until a machine of this caliber was available. Now, the compromise between comfort and quality has been resolved: The Oasis MRI provides the best of both.”


Open MRI at Patuxent

The Oasis is the most powerful Open MRI system available today and combines a comfortable patient experience with powerful technology to make imaging procedures as quick and easy as possible. The new Open MRI is comparable to high-field, closed bore systems in its capability to deliver all of the most advanced imaging applications ranging from vascular, to orthopedic, to women’s imaging, including MRI guidance for breast biopsy.

Charles Mann and Miss Maryland

Charles Mann and Miss Maryland 2010, Lindsay Staniszewski at the RIA Open House for the new Open MRI

The Oasis Open MRI at RIA is in a beautiful private suite, with gown warmers and private waiting area. Adjacent to RIA’s full service diagnostic imaging facility, the center is located at 230 W. Dares Beach Road in Prince Frederick, near the Safeway, in the Patuxent Health Center.  To schedule an appointment, patients may submit a request online at or call 301-855-9754 and press option two to speak with our scheduling representatives.

Oasis Open 1.2T MRI at Patuxent

The new Hitachi Oasis 1.2T Open MRI at Patuxent

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